Bank £4,120 Profit this Football Season Following 1 Simple System

Ron's Football ProfitsHow much did you make on the opening day of the Premier League Season in the Utd match?

Did you expect Man Utd to go down to Swansea? A lot of people didn’t and lost money on that bet! They backed Man Utd thinking it was easy picking.

That is what makes this system so great. It uses just the odds of matches on the markets and one market alone: The HT/FT market. My system takes out what you “think” you know about the outcome of games and takes the risk right out of your hands.

With an incredible strike rate last season on 91% winning bets you’d be crazy to miss your opportunity to use my system!

After purchasing, you’ll gain INSTANT access to my football betting system PDF.

Lets face it, the odds on the football are never great, but by following a very simple strategy you can gradually see your bank grow like mine did last season (and this was just on the EPL! My system can be used on EVERY league around the world as long as you can bet on the HT/FT market!)

How I Profited Over 38 Weeks in the 13/14 EPL Season Alone!

This is how I did on just the EPL last year. A steady profit week-on-week. Yes, I hit the odd down turn and I did see my bank fall on more than 1 occasion but ultimately I ended with a hefty, tax-free profit.

I know you’ve heard it all before, left, right and centre but unlike most of the rubbish out there my guidebook has real substance and real depth teaching you exactly how it works and what happens when you do lose.

The system works by placing multiple bets on a game but ONLY if the odds are right.

This means we increase the chance of a profitable return from the game. Some wins might be small but a win is a win and your bank will grow and grow over the season. With a strike rate last season of 91% I saw my bank increase by over £4,100.

The best thing about this system is that it can be used on any league around the world, meaning if you want to bet on the foreign leagues you can use it all year round on as many games per day as you like… As long as the criteria fit the system.

Every day you don’t implement my system is another day you are throwing away potential profit.

Here’s the Final Details you’ll Probably Want to Know

How Long it Takes to use the System: Around 3 to 4 minutes per match you want to bet on.

How much of a Bank is Required to Start: With such a high strike rate, you are safe with a starting bank of just 50pts.

How many Points are Staked per Match: Each match requires 4 points split between 3 bets.

What Markets is this System for: This system is solely for the Half Time/Full Time market available in most leagues.

All I’m Asking for is a One Off Payment of £19.95 for my Profitable System

You pay once and you can bank this season, next season and for years to come. It’s a simple system that will keep your betting bank ticking over nicely.

Secure your Copy Today!

After purchasing, you’ll gain INSTANT access to my football betting system PDF.

Enjoy winning on the football this season,

Ron Black